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Pr. Mohamed Masmoudi
National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS) - Tunisia


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IEEE DTS’20 Invited Papers

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Sustainable inorganic nanomaterials for solar-driven energy & environmental applications

Using sunlight to drive complex chemical reactions is an old dream coming true, thanks to recent advancements in inorganic nanomaterials chemistry and physics. As research moves in to a deeper understanding of the mechanisms dictating the performance of photocatalysts, novel strategies are being devised to realize efficient materials based on low-cost, environmentally compatible and scalable materials, paving the way for large-scale application. Pulsed laser deposition, allowing control over a wide range of materials properties, is an ideal tool to investigate how these correlate with catalysis performance, thus leading to formulate materials design principles. In this talk, examples of how cristallinity and morphology can be tuned to direct catalytic activity will be discussed. Their applications to solar wastewater treatments and artificial photosynthetic systems will be illustrated. Future perspectives in the energy & environmental field wil then be discussed.

Full name: Dr. Michele Orlandi
Affiliation: University of Trento, Physics Department, IdEA Laboratory – I38123 – Trento, Italy

Presenter Biography:
Dr. Michele Orlandi is Assistant Professor of physics and chemistry of materials at the Physics Department of the University of Trento, Italy. As a member of the IdEA (Hydrogen, Energy, Environment) lab, most of his research is focused on the design, fabrication and testing of materials for solar fuels production and solar wastewater treatment. In particular: (a) tailoring of optical and catalytic properties of photoactive nanomaterials via structure and morphology design, (b) synthesis by physical vapor deposition methods (pulsed laser deposition, RF-magnetron sputtering, electron beam and Joule-effect deposition), (c) photoelectrochemical cells assembly and performance evaluation, (d) photocatalyst materials for wastewater remediation. His activity was recently recognized as a co-recipient of the “Io penso Circolare” national prize, awarded by the Environment Ministry and the newspaper “La Stampa”for green and circular economy projects.